It is one of the most well known and peculiar forms in the history of humanity, since the ancient times…What are the others: Moon, sun, and maybe also the Birds…Of course humans have included these well known forms that are with them since their first existence and that are inscribed into their minds and genes in their cultural and social lives, and have enriched the periods they lived in..There is no society or culture in any part of the earth who would not recognize and know these forms. . So, in a sense, we can call these “the common visual memory and culture of the humanity”..
The endless sea and underwater life, with the life forms it contains, and its wealth of colors and shapes is almost like a dream country away from the reality of the world..Always open to surprises, always ready to be explored…
Swimming is the most well known activity of the fish.!
They have to move, as you know..To live, to see, to feed, to couple, to hide..They developed fins for that..Also a tail and a gill..Some exaggerated the size, some the defense strategy..Some became shy, some felt safer by socializing..They reached today with an experience of millions of years..Natural, simple, and peaceful..Also, very beautiful too.!!

Senol SAK

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03 Sept. 2012 _ Bolu OLAY-Page:6 _ (Interwiew by Hakan Karacaören..)


Şenol SAK creates his works with the theme “FISH” by different painting techniques..From Oil color to Watercolor, from Pastel to Collage; from Print to Sculpture..With a rich collection of Colors and Compositions..
In “Kurgu” (Fiction), the most prominent feature of Sak’s fish is the art material he uses, “Electronic microchips”. We encounter this material in all of his 2-dimension and 3-dimension works..It is a reality of the developing technology and communication..The artist thus draws the viewer’s attention to issues like natural-artificial and organic-mechanic..
Another prominent feature of Sak’s works is the “writing” he uses on the surface..When we explore its roots, isn’t writing also a form of painting?.. Use of writing and painting together adds peculiar and textural dimensions to Sak’s works, and opens new doors to the form and the subject for the viewer...
In conclusion, we can think of Şenal SAK’s works with the theme “FISH” as a whole with three components..Fish form, Electronic microchips, and the Writing..This visual quality represents a new, novel, and progressive approach in terms of esthetic and artistic linguistics.. …There is no doubt that Sak’s fish will keep travelling the world for ever, and leave the viewers with permanent smiles with their colorful and peculiar form..


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