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Senol Sak was born in 1964 in the Bolu province of Turkey. He completed his primary, junior high school, and high school education in Bolu, and graduated from the Painting Division of the Fine Arts Education Department, Faculty of Education, Abant İzzet Baysal University. He currently continues his teaching activities in Bolu, and worked as the “Art Director” of the Municipality of Bolu Mehmet Yücetürk Art Center between 1994-2013. SAK uses all sorts of techniques in his works, and mostly works on the “fish” form with his unique style. He has had 36 individual exhibitions in various provinces of Turkey and another countries since 1993. He has also participated in more than 400 International Exhibitions, Biennales, and Triennials in more than 30 different countries. He received national and international awards. His works have been published in numerous books and catalogues. He had artistic activities in many different countries. Sak’s works are kept in various public and private collections in Turkey and overseas, and he is a member of the International Association of Plastic Arts (Unesco-A.I.A.P) and GESAM…

SAK has been generating the fish motifs more then 30 years


1993 Akbank Art Gallery,Eskisehir - TURKEY
1994 State Fine Arts Gallery, Bolu - TURKEY
1996 Akbank Art Gallery, Denizli - TURKEY
1997 State Fine Arts Gallery, Bolu-TURKEY
1997 Akbank Art Gallery -Ankara – TURKEY
1998 Municipality Art Center - Bolu-TURKEY
1999 Akbank Art Gallery - Adana-TURKEY
2000 Turkey Development Bank Art Gallery - Ankara-TURKEY
2000 State Fine Arts Gallery -Antalya-TURKEY
2001 Beşiktaş Municipality, Ortaköy Cultural Center -İstanbul-TURKEY
2002 Foça Fish and Fishing Fest, İzmir-TURKEY
2003 Akbank Art Gallery, Bursa-TURKEY
2003 Metropolitan Municipality Taksim Art Gallery, İzmit-TURKEY
2004 Municipality Art Center - Bolu-TURKEY
2004 Gallery “Asmalimescit Balıkcisi” - İstanbul-TURKEY
2005 Metropolitan Municipality Taksim Art Gallery, İstanbul-TURKEY
2005 Vakıfbank Art Gallery - Istanbul-TURKEY
2005 Turkish-Amerikan Ass Art Gallery- Ankara-TURKEY
2006 Jazz-Now Art Gallery- Bodrum-TURKEY
2008 Jazz-Now Art Center/SAH otel-Bodrum-TURKEY
2008 Art-PARK Gallery, Rhodes, GREECE
2010 Municipality Art Center - Bolu-TURKEY
2011 CİHANGİRmodern Art Gallery -Istanbul-TURKEY
2012 Creative Framing & Gallery - Oakland-Californiya, USA
2012 Saint-Frajue Painting Museum - Toulouse, FRANCE
2012 Abant İzzet Baysal Ün. Art Center - Bolu, TURKEY
2013 Highway Outlet AVM Art Center - Bolu, TURKEY
2014 Gallery Orange Associated of BERAT - Toulouse, FRANCE
2014 Gallery MOR - Bodrum, TURKEY
2015 En église de Péguilhan - Toulouse, FRANCE
2016 Atölyesak-Artist Studio Exh, Bolu-TURKEY
2016 California Turkish Fest, Monterey-CA, USA
2016 Creative Framing & Gallery - Oakland-Californiya, USA
2016 Gallery MOR, Bodrum-TURKEY
2019 Emin ANTIC Art Center, Ankara-TURKEY
2021 Galeri MOR-Maseffe,, Bodrum-TURKEY

COLLECTIVE EXHIBITIONS, (selected international)
2005 -Bienale drobne GRAFIX-/CZHEK REPB
2006 -Karburani, Museum Floran- Maramules/ROMANIA
2006- Int.Biennial Of Graphics Inter-art Aiud / ROMANIA
2006- The IOWA Biennial- Iowa/USA
2006 -IOWA State Ün-Print Society (6.Print Ex),Iowa/USA
2006- Lessedra World Artprınt Annual-Sofya/BULGARIA
2006- Stone Metal Press Gallery "print ex" San Ant-TX/USA
2006-Simon Fraser University"print ex",Br Cl/CANADA
2006-The said press Society "print ex" Philadelphia/USA
2006-26.MiniPrint Internationale Of Cadaques/SPAIN
2006- 4’a Biennale int di grafica- Francavilla alMare /ITALY
2006- 7'eme Triennale de Chamalieres/FRANCE
2006- 2.Fine Arts Int. Contest "Antonyo Gualda"Granada/SPAIN
2007- VIII. Int Biennial of Engrawıng Acgui Terme/ITALY
2007 -Bienale drobne GRAFIX -Breclav /CZHEK REPB
2007- 5. KIWA Woodprint Exhibition Kyoto / JAPAN
2007- 27. Miniprint internationale of Cadague / SPAIN
2007-Karburani,MusumFloran ,Maramules/ROMANIA
2007-il Bosco Stregato-int.Ex-libriz Concorse ,Ortana/ITALY
2007-Print zero Studıes V.exc,exhibitions seattle/USA
2007- Int.Mail-ART Exh-Fondation INTER-ART aiud/ROMANIA
2007-IV.Exlibris Biennial rotary Club-AcquiTerme/ITALY
2007- INTER-ART Artcamp AIUD-07-result exh.aıud/ROMANY A4-A5 Exhibition(philoshopy day) Thessaloniki /GREECE
2007-V.Nowosbirsk Nowosibirsk/RUSSIA
2007-Group Exh.friendly mess-Lib.Gallery Menges/SLOVENIA
2007-"II.ex-Libris - Е/А Book - Rousse,2007” / BULGARIA
2007-7th Int. Graphic Competition for Ex-Libris Gliwice/POLAND Biennial In Greece-Larissa,Thessaly/GREECE
2007-EXH-"Refugee Solidarity Chain"-Larissa,Thessaly/GREECE
2007-EXH-"The ARGONAUTS"Larissa,.-Thessaly/GREECE
2007-4.Bookmark Exh.Biennial Charleroi/BELGIUM
2007-International Print Exhibition"Prints Tokyo-2007"Tokyo/JAPAN
2007-Exposicion int. de Disenos Ex-libris Cobaez Zacatecas/MEXICO
2008-Group Exh.Part-2“friendly mess”-Lib.Gall.Menges/SLOVENIA
2008-Int.Exh Of Contemporary Square Prints- Naestved/DENMARK
2008-Arch.Mail-art Exhibition-Modesto Museum-Modesto-CA/USA
2008-I.Bienal Internacional del Pequeño Formato /VENEZUELA
2008-9.Int. Biennial Of Miniature Art..- Gornji Milanovac/SERBIA
2008-IV.Biennial Internacional del Grabado-"Contratalla"/SPAIN
2008-NCCC Gallery, "Collective Exhibition" New York/USA
2008-"Int.Identification Document" Exh.ITAMI-YOKOHAMA/JAPAN
2008-Koll exhibition. l'Office de Tourisme Vernoux /FRANCE
2008-"Ink-SPOT"Nightingale Gallery,Eastern Oregon Uni.Orlando/USA
2008-Int.400 prints exh"Celebration of Quebec’s 400th"Quebec/CANADA
2008-Bienalei Grafica Mica Inter-Art,08,Editia.II-AIUD/ROMANY
2008- 5’a Biennale int di graiıca- Francavilla al Mare /ITALY
2008-4.Int. Biennial of Mini-Prints,.-Tetovo / - R.O.MACEDONIA
2008-13th Int.Biennial Print Exhibition"finalist" TAIWAN/CHINA
2008-Artpark Collective Exhibitions Arhipoli/RODOS/GREECE
2008-Int.Mail-ART Exh-Fondatıon INTER-ART aiud/ROMANIA
2008-"Compact Prints Exh"-Umbrella Studio-Townsville/QLD-AUSTRALIA
2008-Exh."FESTIVAL MAYWORKS'08",Arrowsmith Gallery-Courtenay,BC/CANADA
2008-3.Fine Arts Int. Contest "Antonyo Gualda"Granada/SPAIN
2008-"International Print Exhibition" finalist -Yunnan/CHINA
2008-"Aquabiennale"-3rd Int. exh.of Watercolor-Petrozavodsk/ KARALIAN/RUSSIA
2009- Int.Surrealism Festival.Exhibition"Mistlin Gallery",Modesto Museum-USA
2009- IX. int Bennial of Engrawing ,Acqui Terme/ITALY
2009-II.Int.Sym Communication Exh.-West University,Faculity of Art-Timisoara/ROMANY
2009-" V. Int.Competition,Ex Libris-2009"-Karavelov Regional Library-Rouse-BULGARIA
2009- Int.Maıl-ART Exh-Fondation INTER-ART aıud/ROMANIA
2009-Exh."FESTIVAL MAYWORKS'09",Cunningham Ford Gallery,,BC/CANADA
2009-Exh."Io, gli altri",Bibl.civica Italo Calvino Torino-ITALY
2009 -15th International Exlibris Exhibition,Taipei-TAIWAN
2009-Print Zero Studio VI.Exc,Exhibitions Seattle/USA
2009-"Ink-SPOT" Nightingale Gallery,Eastern Oregon Uni.Orlando/USA
2010-“Pony Express-150 Ann.Exhibition-Modesto Museum-CA/USA
2010-"Compact Prints Exh-2008"-Umbrella Studio-Townsville/QLD-AUSTRALIA
2010-II.Bienal Internacional del Pequeño Formato /VENEZUELA
2010- 12th International Miniart Exhibition/Exc -BRAZIL/CANADA
2010-16th International Exlibris Exhibition,Taipei/TAIWAN
2010- Mailart Exh."Blick aus dem Fenster" Weilheim/GERMANY
2010- Int. Contemporary Art Exhibition, Taza/MOROCCO
2010-3.Int.Printmaking Exh.“Prints for Peace” Monterrey/MEXICO
2010-"Compact Prints Exh-2010"-Umbrella Studio-Townsville/QLD-AUSTRALIA
2010-16th International Exlibris Exhibition,Taipei-TAIWAN
2010 -"Zalgiris 600" Internationl Ex-Libris and Miniprint Exhibition,Vilnius-LIETUVA
2010-1. Int.Exlibris/Miniprint Biennale Exh. Guangzhou / CHINA
2011- 6. KIWA Woodprint Exhibition Kyoto / JAPAN
2011- INTER-ART,auid Group Exh,Chatel Montagne/FRANCE
2012- Coll Exhibit ”Creative Gallery”, /Oakland-Ca,USA
2013- Coll Summer Exhibit- Paper Works-”Iva Gallery”, /Shumen,BULGARIA
2013- Coll Mail-ART Exhibit ”United Nations Headquarter”, /New York-USA
2014- 1. Thessaloniki Art Fair-Symposium, Cultures of Cosmos,, Thessaloniki-GREECE
2014-1st Taza Biennial 2014 - MOROCCO-FAS
2014- 6. Patras Art Fair-Symposium, Cultures of Cosmos, Patras-GREECE
2015-Salon International Art Résilience-2015- Toulouse- FRANCE
2016-Salon International Art Résilience-2016- Toulouse- FRANCE
2016- 2. Roma Art Fair-Symposium, Cultures of Cosmos, Roma-ITALY
2017- “3. Marrakech Int. Art Forum Group Exhibit”, Marrakech _ MOROCCA
2019- "5. Int. Art Symposium" Final Exhibition, Tarnobrzeg-POLONYA
2022- "23. Int. Art Symposium" Final Exhibition, Miechow-POLONYA
2023- "Int. Koru Art Symposium" Final Exhibition, Bolu-TURKEY
2024 ArtANKARA Sanat Fuarı, Ankara-TURKEY
2024 İZMİR Sanat Fuarı, İzmir-TURKEY

(Only selected abroad)
2007 - “INTER-ART, aiud ArtCamp” _ Aiud /ROMANY
2008 - Art-PARK Rhodes, WORKSHOP _ Arhipoli/Rhodes, GREECE
2012 – “Summer Studio-WORKSHOP” _ Toulouse,/FRANCE
2012 - “Fish/BALIK”,Live Performance _ Oakland-Ca,/USA
2013 - “Fish/BALIK”, Live Performance _ Toulouse,/FRANCE
2014 - “1. Thessaloniki Art Fair”, Thessaloniki _ GREECE
2014 - “Summer Studio-WORKSHOP” _ Toulouse,/FRANSA
2014 - “6. Patras Art Fair”, Patras _ GREECE
2015 - “Summer Studio-WORKSHOP” _ Toulouse/FRANCE
2016 - “Fish/BALIK”, Live Performance _ Monterey-Ca,/USA
2016 - “2. Rome Art Fair”, Roma _ İTALY
2016 - “Fish/BALIK”, Live Performance _ San Francisco-Ca,/USA
2017 - “3. Marrakech Int. Art Forum”, Marrakech _ MOROCCO
2019- "5. International Art Symposium", Tarnobrzeg-POLAND
2022- "23. International Art Symposium", Miechow-POLAND

HONOURS and AWARDS _ (selected)
- 1981 - The City Of Bolu Governors "Art Awards" - Bolu / TURKEY
- 1997,2004,2005,2007,2010- City Of Bolu Municipality "Honour Awards"- Bolu/TURKEY
- 1998 - The Award Granted By "The 68's Trusties For Art" - Ankara / TURKEY
-- 2008 -I. Int. Print Biennial of YUNNAN-"finalist" - YUNNAN/CHINA
-2008-Award,Culturel Ass-V.Ruiz Aznar"Memorial LUCÍA MARTÍNEZ 2004-2008"-SPAIN
- 2008 - 13th Int.Biennial Print Exhibition"finalist" - Taiwan / CHINA
- 2008-Int Contest of Fine Arts"Composer ANTONIO GUALDA,2008"-Granada/SPAIN
-2009,AWARD-Taiwan 15th International Exlibris Exhibition,-TAIWAN, R.O.C.
-2010,AWARD-Taiwan 16th International Exlibris Exhibition,-TAIWAN, R.O.C.

COLLECTIONS _ (selected)

Ankara Painting and Sculpture Museum, Ankara-TURKEY
Repb.Culture Ministry Coll, Ankara-TURKEY
Grand Natıonal Assembly Of Turkey Art Coll
Vakifbank Art Coll.
Development Bank Of Turkey Art Coll.
Painting and Sculpture Museum Association Coll
Istanbul Metropolitan Mun.-Bsk.Mun. Art coll
Izmit Metropolitan Mun Art Coll.
Commerce and industry chamber, of Bolu
Bolu Municipality Art Coll.
Goverment Of Bolu Art Coll.
Emin Antic Art Center Art Coll
Turkish-American Association Art Coll.
Nokta Beylerbeyi - Art Coll.
Koru Foundation Art Collection
Municipal museum Breclav- Czech REPB
Museo dell'Incisione/ Acquı Terme-ITALY
Premio Michetti Fondazione Coll.-ITALY
El Museo Nacional De La Acuarela "ALFREDO GUATI ROJO" Coll.-MEXICO
IOWA Unı. Iowa – USA
Lo.Rubial/Museo Nac.del Grabado-URUGUAY
Prınt İnt Cadaques Museum - SPAIN
Ortona-Moseu Exl Mediterraneo–ITALY
Valentin Ruız Aznar Fund.Grenada- SPAIN
Floran Museum Art Coll - ROMANY
Inter-ART Found Art Coll Aiud-ROMANY
PrintZERO Studio;s Art Coll -USA
Prıintmakers info Art Coll - USA
Association Mou.d'Art Cont-Chamalières FRANCE
Liuben Karavelov Regional Library-Rousse/BULGARIA
Gliwice Municipal Public Library Coll- Gliwice/POLAND
Municipality Museum G. Katsigra-Larissa/Thessaly/GREECE
Museum of Tetovo / Republic Of MACEDONIA
Modesto Art Museum -Modesto-CA/USA
Cobaez Zacatecas Fund.coll..MEXICA
Contratalla Collection-Tarragona/SPAIN
Sakima Art Museum Tokyo / JAPAN
Art-PARK Art coll Rodos / GREECE
Umbrella Studio Art Coll -Townsville/QLD-AUSTRALIA
Museo Internaçionale de Neu ART - Courtenay,BC/CANADA
West University,Faculity of Art Koll -Timisoara/ROMANY
Biblioteca civica Italo Calvino-Torino/ITALY
Taipei Country Goverment, Exlibris Coll. TAIWAN
"Guanlan-International Print Biennial ArtCOLL" ,Shenzhen/CHINA
"Petrozavodsk City Museum" Art coll- Karalian Repb/RUSSIA
Miniart Coll BRASIL
Saint-Frajou Painting Museum Art Coll.-Toulouse-FRANCE
National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts-Art Coll,TAIWAN/CHINA
"Zervas Art"Coll , Patras/GREECE
Marrakech Gov. City- Art Collection, Marrakech/MOROCCA
"History Nuseum Art Coll" Tarnobrzeg-POLONYA
Gallery "U Jaksy" Art Coll, Miechow / POLONYA

(also,hundreds of "private collections",all around the world)

LITERATURE _ (selected)

-Turkish Annual ARTbook..TURKEY,2003-2004-2006
-Bienal of Small Graphics "GRAFIX"-catalog- Breclav/CZHEK REPB,2005
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- "Ankara Life" Magazine, Interwiev, Ankara-TURKEY _ May-2021
- "Aksam Newspaper"-(Saturday Supplement) Artist Interview,Istanbul-TURKEY, 31 July 2021
--"Türkiye Newspaper"-(KArt-Culture Page) Page:7, 31 August 2022


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